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~such a good addiction~

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iconholics is a community for icons, graphics, layouts and other such things, related to jrock, jpop, visual kei, indies, and anime.

There are a few rules:

×Don't steal others work.
×Give credit if you do take something, unless the poster states otherwise.
×LJ cuts are available for a reason. Use them if you have more then 2 icons.
×If you have a banner, background or a graphic other then an icon, please use an lj-cut.
×Requests are allowed, be sure to give a bit of detail on what you want.
×Only make things that are related to jrock, jpop, visual kei, indies or anime. (Manga would be considered anime, in this case)
×Be polite and tell posters what you are taking of theirs by adding a comment.
×Don't bash, hate or discriminate please, iconholics does not need drama.
×Advertising for other communities is acceptable as long as it is not over done.
×yaoi/shounen-ai is welcome.

×If you would like to be a moderator, please e-mail Ma-kun.×

nittlegrasper.com - for Tohma images
T-chan - image donation

iconholics banner, icon and layout done by Ma-kun (ai_no_genkaku)


You can use this banner to link to us on your journal or website.

If you would like to make a banner donation to iconholics please contact Ma-kun
credit will be given and any donations would be greatly appreciated.

questions, comments or suggestions?
contact Ma-kun at: twiIightsuicide@aol.com
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